Illuminati members in kenya: Top Illuminati members in Kenya Exposed

Illuminati members in kenya and Africa: A list of members is currently making rounds in the social media and it is shocking who the members are. Apparently the God father of the Illuminati society lives in Nigeria. Below is the top 21 list of the members of the society:

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  • Charlie boy2. Wizkid- illuminati 
  • Camp Mulla (sold their souls to the devil for fame)- illuminati 
  • Psquare (sacrificed their mother) – illuminati 
  • Tb Joshua- illuminati 
  • Cabo Snoop (used to popularize the illuminati dance)- illuminati 
  • Asamoah Gyan
  • Jozi
  • D’banj (Godfather of illuminati in Africa)
  • Sarkodie
  • Ice Prince
  • Genevive Nnaji (Dbanj’s girlfriend)
  • Teargas (South Africa)
  • Pastor Lazarus Muriritirwa
  • Pastor Ng’ang’a (he sacrificed his wife and married her younger sister)
  • Pastor Owour (he used to foretell the pending works of illuminati, disaster)
  • Alikiba – Tanzania (illuminati made him famous and uses him to dwell in Tanzania)18. Chameleon (he wanted to get out and was thrown from high floor and broke his leg)
  • Octopizzo (realize how he says number nane baby in his songs he is praising the devil)
  • Nonini
  • Nameless (remember his juju video with evil scenes that was the initiation)
  • Avril (illuminati uses her to sell the idea of lesbianism in Kenya remember the song chokoza she say ‘hujui kama mtu anapenda machali ama madame’and the nude lesbian photos)
  • Size 8- Illuminati
  • Jaguar
  • Emmy Kosgei

Well be the judge! Is the list anything to go by or is the maker of the list just bluffing? The Daily Post


  1. yo men y get into illuminati….nat kul at al pple turn 2 God,,

  2. Lizz Beth says:

    inakaa Siku hizi mtu akimake doh mob n akuwe famous ni Illuminati!!!yawa!Kwani is that the only way to make money n b famous? sometimes it takes lots of hard work. lets stop being idle.pliz unless one is very sure of what they are saying ..

  3. why…why…???? shld u?

  4. kama ni real,they can't walk out from it-unless they b washed by the blood of JESUS christ.

  5. kwani God hawezi bless m2.

  6. A wil join Jesus christ en He will use me to preach. good news en see who will see His kingdom.

  7. c leo nikiangukia mili na safcom kesho ill b in this list, eva heard of talanta c ndumba, i think the guy who produced the list must b jealous coz he or she must b worthless

  8. Well, its all about personal decision but the decision ones makes dictates his destiny….

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    1.' R M says:

      y so,worldly richness iz useless turn to JESUS n he ll make u mk u hv everlasting richness,rem da world ll cm 2 an end,illuminatic wontlast 4ever,where will turn wen christ bcm again?think twice b4 u join.ur soul blong 2 GOD,He iz da one who created u not devil.i beta live a poor person THAN sacrificing sm1 i love 4 money.Jesus may u intervine upon our lives AMEN.

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  12. Nora Danny says:

    Its high time we realize who we are and impacts in us…God makes a way where there seams to be no way hence one can change and get to have eternal life

  13. Ezy Jr Baks says:

    is size 8,, nt saved still

  14. Kells Donald says:

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  15. as long as jesus christ of nazareth who died for us to see GOD liveths let us worship HIM and HIM alone for HE is the KING of KINGS amen.

  16. Jesus name above every other name that which of the world is evil but that which is of God is eternal glory to God forever i,d rather be without money and have Jesus he is my provider my healer i have eternal riches that can not be compared with cash

  17. Are u sure size 8 is a mbr of illuminati?? She says is saved!!!

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  20. to hell with you guyz,one God one faith.the creator of heavens n earth who are you to be worshipped?

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  24. Anonymous says:


  25. Anonymous says:

    ‘easy come easy go’…..nothing that come easily lasts.and remember there is nothing on planet earth that comes for free……devil doesn’t borrow…..he takes by force.take care people!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    nothing from the devil comes for free.consequences follow after.

  27. Nowadys ni we na mungu wako tu,if even the prophets are not real preachers,then let GOD be merciful to earth.