Anne Kansiime: Top Ugandan female comedian

Anne Kansiime is a comedian with Fun Factory and co-presenter of NTV’s Mini Buzz programme:

She is also the GOtv ambassador and the voice behind My name is Kansiime and I watch GOtv.
Here are some questions that Anne Kansiime was asked in a recent interview:
So, who is Anne Kansiime?
Now what do people want to know? Let me see. I am a female, an adult, I finished school. I am a Mukiga and a very proud one and God forbid, I hope I never go back to school; ehh it was too much.
So, apart from your under-graduate degree, you don’t want more?

Why would I want one when I have my own permanent head damage?
How old are you?
You didn’t just ask that. I am not too old and not too young.
If it’s that time of the month what do you use, tampons or pads?
[She pauses, threatens to hang up but her voice sounds like she is enjoying the interview]. Okay, that one I am not going to answer; oh my God. Now what if I say that I sit in the sand for three days?

So, it lasts three days?
Now I am going to seriously hang up on you, what will people think about me?
Let’s talk about something else; what do you think of guys with pot bellies?

Those guys are very lucky; they can’t drown because they have natural floaters.
Your fans want to know where you stay, because you crack jokes about people’s homes.

[She hesitates]….I stay in Ntinda and I still rent because coming from Kabale, I have not yet bought a plot of land.
When was the last time you had an HIV test?
But you, what is wrong with you? [Quick Talk assures her that he is fine.] It was two weeks ago and I passed with flying colours.
You perfectly do a child’s voice, how do you pull it off?
I actually got that from my young brother, Arnold. He was too stubborn and I used to imitate him all the time. So, one time I decided to do what I used to do at home with him and the crowd loved it, and I was like, okay, the Kampala crowd loves this and I made it my own.
How did your boyfriend sweep you off your feet?
He didn’t just sweep me off my feet, I jumped and he didn’t do anything special, he was just himself. He wasn’t like these Kampala guys who show off. We are happy.
When is he proposing?

There is no pressure; when he is ready he will.
Tell me what you think of Hajat Madina’s Bibuuza?
[She laughs out loud] I think I listened to the song two days ago and it’s awesome. If there were Pam Awards next week, it would win song of the year; can you imagine a guy recently walked up to a girl and asked her, naye gwe chick bibuuza. The girl was speechless.
Which musician fascinates you the most?

Mun G, I just love the way he does his thing. Yamalayo and I will be attending his concert in full gear this Friday.
Last word

I am having the best year of my life. I have a man who loves me, I have both my parents, I have a good job and I have fans who adore me, what else would I ask for?   The Observer


here’s one of her best acts: Leave my man alone


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