Fighting continues in Juba, Southern Sudan

Southern Sudan (Juba) situation: fighting continues in Munuki, Gudele, Jebel, Bilpam and Tong Ping. It has increased in intensity since dawn and includes either tanks or indirect fire (mortars, artillery) or both. Who has the upper hand is not known.

Photo: Juba chaos: President Salva Kiir had promised locals that everything is under control and normalcy had resumed

Some places within Juba are no walking zones. Last night most residents fled to unknown locations to hide, but there were vulnerable ones who couldn’t make it including a woman who just give birth two days ago. No one who can help here with her children, this woman and new born were found slaughtered Tuesday morning in her place and her elder children has nowhere to be found

It has been reported that there was fighting in Pibor yesterday but that it has ended. There is also a report of fighting in Mugiri about 12 miles out on the Bor road but that report is not yet confirmed.

There are reports of the sighting of civilian casualties from one source. It is not known if they were targeted or simply in the wrong place.

For now, it is assessed that it is not safe to move in the city, both because of the continued fighting and because it is not clear that the security forces controlling the uncontested parts of the city areĀ permitting the unrestricted movement that was claimed.

Remaining indoors until further notice is recommended. Be advised that some telephone services are still in operation and that,although it is not clear which ones, some calls are getting through