Mohammed Ali’s Jicho Pevu is Al Shabaab’s Mouth piece

Could the Al Shabaab be using KTN’s Jicho pevu as their mouth piece? Granted our soldiers and security forces did not behave well before, during and after the Westgate Attack, I would like to WARN Kenyans against believing Jicho Pevu. As usual I will lay facts on the table- and avoid emotional and illogical arguments.

(Written By Gordon Opiyo) First- I will declare my interest: I have been writing on Islamic Fundamentalism, especially the brand that attacks Christians for more than ten years- I have studied the modus-operendi of Terrorists and their propaganda machinery. I have also studied the Koran and issue of Martyrs.

I have just watched the one and a half hour propaganda masterpiece done by Mohammed Ali and would like to raise the following points:- I would not like any other Kenyan to be misled into believing LIES against Kenya and ELEVATION of those murderous cowardly Muslim fanatics.

1)For the the whole one and a half hour of Jicho Pevu- Mohammed Ali does NOT call those murderers Terrorists. He only makes mention of the term “Magaidi”after the clip that shows president saying that five terrorists have been Killed.

2) Ali calls those murderers heroic terms like “Wapiganaji”, “Wanamgambo” but NEVER calls them TERRORISTS

3) In the first fifteen minutes of Jicho Pevu- Ali chooses his clips very carefully in order to pass a MESSAGE to KENYANS from AL- Shabaab. Listen to this statement from one of the people that was spared by the Murderers “You did not spare our women and children- why should we spare your children” The FACT that Ali chooses to focus on that statement should raise any antenna of Terrorists Network watchers. To increase their impact- the Islamic Fundamentalists usually release some victims and lets them speak through some carefully chosen media. I believe Jicho Pevu is their key voice in Kenya.

4) Jicho Pevu cleverly demonises the KDF, and makes them look like a bunch of fools. Note that there soldiers are not angels- but the propaganda tools of Islamic Terror networks takes advantage of weaknesses in the opposing forces to blow issues out of proportion. They have successfully done that in Iraq, Russia and Afghanistan. For instance, without evidence- Jicho Pevu claims that there were only 4 “Wapiganaji” “Wajasiri” fighting against 200 KDF. The fact that some CCTV cameras show 4 murderers does not mean that they were only 4.

5) Several Verses in the Koran encourage Martyrs to take up arms since the enemy will kill each other: Ali cleverly uses the same verses by claiming that the six KDF soldiers that died “Waliuana wenyewe kwa wenyewe”. Listen to any tape by Rogo and you will get the same statement word for word. Those with eyes and ears- see and hear for yourself.

6) Ali claims that the 4 Escaped. He does not give us maps from the location of the CCTV on how they could have escaped. Why? What is his motive? Prepare us for another attack?

7) Three weeks before the Westage Attack- Jicho Pevu showed gory images on TV of Rogo and other Islamic Fundamentalists that have been in the forefront of teaching hatred against Christians and KDF. Displaying of bodies of “Martyrs” is usually used by Fundamentalists to prepare others for attacks. Ask yourself one key question: Why did Jicho Pevu break ALL journalistic rules to display the bodies of Rogo and three others on National TV? Was it a mere coincidence that after three weeks of Jicho Pevu displaying those bodies Kenya is attacked? Facts speak for themselves

8) Martyr Body Display: This is one of the key methods used by Jihadists and their preferred media outlets. In Late August Mohammed Ali broke ALL Journalistic Rules by PUBLICLY displaying the Bodies of Aboud Rogo and three other slain clerics. That was not just a bad editorial judgement- but a properly timed activity in any Islamic Fundamentalists schemes. Ask yourself these hard questions

a) Why would anyone want to display for more than ten minutes badly mutilated bleeding bodies of “three Martyrs” at 7 pm?

b) What purpose does the display of “Martyrs” serve? This is meant to act as a signal to other “Martyrs”. Fundamentalist Islam teaches that Martyrs bodies have special powers. If you believe that there is no connection between the Jicho Pevu Display of Mutilated Bodies and the Westgate Attack three weeks later, then you must be tough. The Middle East Media Research Institute has details of previous tactics: Check them out in this link

9) Demonising The Military Force: In order to encourage more Jihadists, the Islamic Fundamentalists have a well tested tactic of making the opposing FORCE look terrible and foolish: This tactic has worked well in Iraq and Afghanistan. Buy any preaching tape by Rogo and you will discover that Rogo and his fellow preachers at the Masjid Musa Mosque have been demonising KDF in all their preachings.

This is done in order to lift the spirits of new recruits, and fire them up against the “terrible” enemy. I have checked, and rechecked the section that claims that KDF looted- but some things just do not add up: Before you join the mob justice of judging our forces- consider this

a) Looting would have seen them carrying different goodies, of different sizes and colours: The images I have seen just show seven men carrying similar sized paperbags. Nowhere do I see any till being broken into, nowhere do I see any soldier picking anything from any shelf. Before we jump into the mob justice against our soldiers- consider this: Al shabaab has manufactured several defamatory stories against Ugandan Forces.

The only difference is that Museveni will shut down any irresponsible media house that airs anything that tarnishes UPDF without proof. Jicho Pevu has depicted KDF as a bunch of clueless nincompoops. First, by claiming that 200 men were not able to capture 4 “Fighters”, second, by sensationally claiming that the 4″Fighters” mysteriously escaped(without showing how and through what route).

The fact that cameras only captured 4 men does not mean that there were only four. Westgate has several shops and we cannot conclude that they were only four, when we only have CCTV footage of three sections of the mall that has hundreds of sections. This fits well in the Islamic Fundamentalists system of demonising the opposing force.

10) Why Cant ALI use his investigative skills to get to the bottom of those that funded the attackers? Why cant he use his skills to expose the preachers that have been recruiting young men to fight against Kenya and kill Christians? Why Cant Jicho Pevu give us the network that hosted these killers? Truth is: ALi is not willing to expose them; Reason- I will explain later

Gordon Opiyo

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    Congragulations Opiyo for ur briliant text its a fact and this is how its evolving in Kennya