WESTGATE Jicho Pevu/ by Mohammed Ali- VIDEO

Westgate Jicho Pevu by Mohammed Ali and The inside Story by John Allan Namu- This is an account of all the events at the westgate mall attack as narrated by KTN’s Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu

From this Jicho Pevu episode titled “ZilaZila la westgate”, and “The inside story on westgate”a lot is revealed. From the planning of the attacks to its execution. The attacks were planned in Nairobi’s Eastleigh Estate. To watch the English version- The Inside Story: Wolves at Westgate, scroll down to the end of this article.

Details that the government withheld from the citizens and LIES that were peddled by Ole lenku and General Karangi are exposed by Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu. KDF solders are captured by CCTV cameras looting and stealing from Westgate’s Nakummat branch. They are seen carrying shopping bags as they exit the mall. These bags contained valuable items and cash. Its believed that they used ambulances to ferry them from the westgate mall

Its revealed from this Jicho Pevu that Ole Lenku and General Karangi lied to the president who in turn gave wrong information to the world. For instance, President Uhuru Kenyatta said that “all the six attackers had been killed”. He also said that “some were from Britain and others were American Citizens”. These statements and many others that were given by the president have turned out to be untrue.

From this Westgate Jicho Pevu episode, its also revealed that there were no more than 4 Al Shabaab attackers. They are seen walking casually in to the mall and spraying bullets to innocent citizens.

This Jicho Pevu/ Inside story on westgate also reveals that for four days, the KDF solders were just drinking beer and  having fun inside the mall. Very many empty beer bottles are seen on the counters of Art Caffe. Also, You will see that the four Al Shabaab men disappeared from the westgate mall during the first day of the attack.

Also, from this Jicho Pevu/ Inside Story on westgate, its revealed that when the KDF took over the operation, they killed GSU’s recce squad officers. The KDF interfered with an operation that could have ended during the first day of the attack since the RECCE squad had secured the building, rescued all the hostages and cornered all the four terrorists.

The Inside Story: Wolves at Westgate, by KTN’s John Allan Namu