Husband Snatcher Exposed – Rayasidi Safari (Raya)

This notorious husband snatcher is on the loose! Her name is Rayasidi Safari (Raya). On facebook, she calls herself Raya Sidee. This is a story sent to us by a woman whose husband is having an affair with Raya

On facebook, she goes by the name Raya Sidee –

Husband Snatcher Exposed- Rayasidi Safari (Raya). She’s having an affair with a married man

I have been married for the last 20 years. I recently discovered that my husband has been cheating on me with another woman through his phone records. They have been communicating initimately for the last one year; calling each other as many as five to ten times a day as well as continuosly texting. I observed this behaviour for many months my husband unaware that I know that he is cheating on me.

He also had yet another different woman whom he says are “harmless” flirtations as he was cheating with the main mistress. Anyway, what really shocked me was his betrayal of my trust considering he baehaved like all was normal between us and lying with a straight face and looking at me in the eye; not knowing I know he was just from communicating with his mistress.

The mistress started demanding him to purchase household items and give her money. There are days he would shop for her and even gave her money. He did this by taking these items and money to her house. He even had the audacity to sneak out of home to go see her at night. She does not reside far from us.
When I had enough of his deceit I confronted him about his affair.

He ofcourse denied that it is not a serious relationship (just flirting) and that she was the one who was pursuing him (yet from the call records – he would call her as many as 11 times in a day without her initiating the calls). What hurt me most is sometimes immediately after we had been intimate, he would look for a way to go call her. In my opinion this man had fallen in love with this woman because of his obsession with her. I probably think that he also wanted to keep her on toes so she does not get herself another man since he wanted her for himself only.

He swore he had never had sex with her (despite going to her house especially at night) because it was not possible since she lived with relatives. He did confess that she had asked him for sex but being the “good and faithful husband” he declined (I am supposed to believe this). I told him if he claims not to have had sex with this woman then he was emotionally attached to her. Which he again denied. How do you explain continuous communication for hours per day for one year? Even sometimes when we are on family vacation?
My heart bleeds with pain, regret for marrying this man, his deceit and ultimate betrayal of my commitment an blant disregard of my feelings to him for the last 20 years. I feel wasted and sometimes I look at him and feel so much resentment towards him.I contacted the girl Raya and she cowardly could not give any information on their affair.

To add insult to injury, they continued communicating and she would hide her number when calling him or use her relatives and friends numbers to contact my husband. He did not hesitate to call her back even on those numbers. He again claimed that she was the one pursuing him; like a gun had been held to his head to talk to her. Other times she would call with hidden numbers and he would lie that he does not know who is on the line, that really hurt and confirmed I can never ever trust this man again. I was so foolish all those years…there is a reason for everything.

Husband Snatcher Exposed- Rayasidi Safari (Raya)

He has never satisfactorily told me WHY HE HAD THE AFFAIR. (Yes, as all cheaters do when they get caught, he tried to say it is my fault and make me feel guilty). I am and will always be suspicious of him. Trust is a very delicate thing and once lost cannot be recovered the same again. I always feel at the back of my mind that he still sees his mistress behind my back because you cannot convince me that he just “switch her off” from his system just like that overnight.

I am in denial and convinced myself that he only had an emotional affair though deep down in my heart I know he had sex with this woman. All the signs are clear and why else would he go to her house and provide for her needs?
Shame on you Rayasidi Safari (0706721881/0725349270) her notorious numbers!

Watch out ladies for this homewreaker!

Has your husband/ wife been stolen from you? How does it feel like? You can share the story with us. You can even tell us more about than husband snatcher or that unfaithful bastard and we’ll expose them on this website! Just send us an email at [email protected]


  1. Wandia Wa Ngumbu says:

    Woman. Leave him before it's too late and find happiness within yourself. He is not gonna change.

  2. Agnes Mkawajomba Wangira says:

    Why didnt you also put the pic of your husband to make a point.

  3. If your husband cheats, don't waste time fighting, blaming, exposing the woman.. instead confront & expose your husband for not keeping his pants zipped up. You're married to him not the woman. He is putting your life at risk for HIV & other STI – deal with him fast & hard!