Download The Uwezo Fund Application form- pdf

The Government officially launched the Uwezo Fund on Sunday,  8th September 2013. Read through the requirements and find the download link below

You can read more about the Uwezo Fund HERE. Before you download the Uwezo Fund Application form, please read through these requirements and details of how to apply for the Uwezo Fund:


  • Sign up for Capacity Building Programme once launched
  • Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria
  • Fill an application form (Provided in the Link below)
  • Submit the application form together with relevant documents to the Uwezo Fund Management Committee within your constituency
  • Await notification of the Uwezo Fund Management committee

As youth, woman and person with disability you are required to do the following to enable you access to the uwezo fund and to compete for procurement opportunities within a category:

  1. Form a group and register an enterprise with the Registrar of Companies’ Offices in Nairobi or anywhere else wherever they are located. You may do so as a sole trader, partnership, limited company, association, etc.
  2. Get clearance from the Youth Enterprise Fund if you are youth; Women Gender Directorate if a woman; and, certification from National Council for Persons with Disability if you are a person with disability.
  3. Register the enterprise with the National Treasury in Nairobi or any County Treasury office. PPOA shall publish the names of all registered groups in the PPOA website (
  4. Visit any public entity of the National or County Governments anywhere in the country to seek for procurement opportunities. Public entities may advertise procurement opportunities in their respective websites, notice boards or local dailies which may also be published in the PPOA website (
  5. Contact PPOA for any clarifications on matters that arise out of your interactions with the public entities on this issue.
  6. You are not required to submit a Tender Security in order to participate in the procurement process but you shall sign a Tender Security Declaration Form provided for in the tender documents which will bind you to perform the service once awarded the contract(s). Failure to adhere to the terms of the Form shall make you liable to Debarment pursuant to Section 115 of the Public procurement and Disposal Act, 2005.
  7. PPOA shall publish the list of the disadvantaged groups who have been registered for easy access by public entities.
  8. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the procurement proceeding, you may lodge your complaint to the Director General (PPOA) or file a review with the Secretary Public Procurement Administrative Review Board within 10 calendar days after notification of award of contract.
  9. You shall benefit from this preference and reservation scheme for a period of five years renewable once only.