Relax! Isaac Hassan the IEBC chair is not dead!

Isaac Hassan, the current chairman of the IEBC is not dead! So, those of you who are mourning, you can relax (and for you who are celebrating, too bad- He’s not dead)

Over the last few days, the internet,  and more specifically the social media, has been abuzz with news that Isaac Hassan of IEBC suffered a heart attack and that he’s admitted at the ‘prestigious’ Karen hospital. Then on Friday, there were news doing rounds that Isaac Hassan was flown out of the country for further medical treatment- because his heart disease had worsened and the Karen hospital could not handle it any more

Rumor has it that all this could be a big lie and there are reports that he is actually okay and was released from the Karen hospital on Friday (and went home, not abroad for further treatment). In fact, there were report that he was back to normal on Sunday and he was relaxing with his family at home.

When news hit the grapevine that Isaac Hassan had suffered a heart attack, unlike in a normal world where people mourn such incidents, Kenyans (mostly CORD supporters) started celebrating and saying that they wished him death for rigging out their presidential candidate, Raila Odinga. Some even went ahead and made some really bad jokes about it:

“Isaac Hassan, bado magonjwa za tharaka nithi hazijafika.”

“Issac Hassan, you will be paid for your work”

“Isaac Hassan, accept the disease and move on”

Those are just a few comments that were made by CORD supporters who were celebrating  Issac Hassan’s alleged heart attack.


  1. I wish the guy to die.

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