Mike Sonko: I would die for Shebesh

Mike Sonko, the Senator for Nairobi County, has come out to clear the rumors that him and Nairobi’s women’s rep, Rachel Shebesh, had at some point been involved in a romantic affair.

During the March 2013 elections, a blogger called Kahawa Tungu sensationally claimed that Mike Sonko and Rachel shebesh had been spotted at a hotel in Lamu drinking a milk shake from the same glass and the same straw and were seen heading in to room later in the night where they probably had carnal knowledge .

But Mike sonko has refuted all those claims and now says that him and Shebesh are just good friends and he loves her like he would love his own sister.  “I love Rachel so much as a good friend, but people just exaggerate things. I haven’t slept with her. I don’t know why people want to spoil Rachel’s good name. There is no romantic link between us” said Sonko.

“I can die for Rachel, she is like a sister to me, and she can die for me. Her problems are mine, and my problems are hers. We are friends and nothing can ever come between us. She is a married woman, and I am someone’s husband. So let me be clear that there is nothing at all going on between us,” says the Nairobi Senator

“We are family friends and people should stop speculating  when I am seen with her drinking a soda. She campaigned for me and I campaigned for her. Our families know each other, and I am tired of saying this over and over, there is nothing between us,” Sonko emphasized .


  1. Where there is smoke…. there's FIRE.

  2. Norman Kiguhi says:

    The websites Kenyans read!

  3. cathrinenduge@gmail.com' cathrine nduge says:

    I agree where there is smoke there is fire, check urscathrine.blogspot.com

  4. Nick Nyagah says:

    People are just stupid, envious etc..
    Who is the complainant in this matter?
    Is it Sonkos or Shebesh's spouses?

    Sonko and Sbe es

  5. mbuguachristopher510@gmail.com' jaste says:

    if sonko apigi iyo mali bxi ako chini ka ni mm cwes tambua