Lady Gaga new Single, Applause, video gets 1.5 M views on Youtube

Lady Gaga, Applause: New hit song official video now on youtube

Lady Gaga has released her first Single, Applause, from the Album ARTPOP. The song got more than 1.5m views on youtube just one day after it was released. Applause has leaked more than a week ahead of its official release date.

Though Lady Gaga’s Applause allegedly leaked a week before its release, her fans (Little Monsters) have managed to keep the song away from the internet and even have sworn to report anyone distributing the song illegally

Nearly 2,500 Lady Gaga fans have retweeted a link to Universal’s takedown page, with one fan claiming to have  notified Universal Music about 500 infringing links in a single evening

Lady Gaga Applause: Lady Gaga tweeted the official release of Applause

Lady Gaga Applause

Applause is the first single from Gaga’s upcoming album ARTPOP, with a carefully-planned campaign to release the single on the same day that the album (and its spin-off app) will be available to pre-order.

The fan-led anti-piracy campaign for Gaga’s Applause was a turnaround from the usual nature of such leaks, where fans eagerly share the links, and labels – if they choose to respond – file a barrage of take-down notices to blogs and search engines.

Gaga herself seemed initially upset by news of the leak, tweeting “Lord, in HEAVEN WHY” and “YOU JUST COULDNT WAIT THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ONE SATURDAY”, before appearing to see the funny side and inviting fellow leakee Katy Perry to “grab some shovels and f*ck up some hackers”. (TheGuardian)


  1.' Tuyonkah says:

    Awesome music video!!!! Will win awards next year, I predict.