60 year old Nigerian Pastor, Anselm Madubuko to marry Emmy Kosgei

Award winning gospel artist, Emmy Kosgei is set to be married by her Nigerian boyfriend- a pastor; Anselm Madubuko, 60 years old

Madubuko to marry emmy kosgei

Madubuko to marry emmy kosgei

The couple will have two weddings, one in Kenya and another one in Nigeria. Emmy Kosgeisaid that the one in Kenya will be a traditional wedding on 29th August and another one on Saturday August 31 at Revival Miracle Cathedral in Lagos. A reception will follow later at Sheraton Hotel, Lagos

Anselm Madubuko will marry Emmy Kosgei one year after his wife died.

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Asked why he settled on marrying Emmy Kosgei, apostle Madubuko had this to say

“The truth is that God brought her to me and it was just glare in my spirit. When my wife passed on, I was completely clueless and I began to pray. God showed her to me. She refused my advances initially but after some time through prophesies and so on, she said yes.”

Apostle Madubuko met Emmy in Kenya in 2010 during one of his visits to the country to propagate God’s work at the Revival Assembly Azusa conference. Emmy was at the conference to perform.