60 year old Nigerian Pastor, Anselm Madubuko to marry Emmy Kosgei

Award winning gospel artist, Emmy Kosgei is set to be married by her Nigerian boyfriend- a pastor; Anselm Madubuko, 60 years old

Madubuko to marry emmy kosgei

Madubuko to marry emmy kosgei

The couple will have two weddings, one in Kenya and another one in Nigeria. Emmy Kosgeisaid that the one in Kenya will be a traditional wedding on 29th August and another one on Saturday August 31 at Revival Miracle Cathedral in Lagos. A reception will follow later at Sheraton Hotel, Lagos

Anselm Madubuko will marry Emmy Kosgei one year after his wife died.

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Asked why he settled on marrying Emmy Kosgei, apostle Madubuko had this to say

“The truth is that God brought her to me and it was just glare in my spirit. When my wife passed on, I was completely clueless and I began to pray. God showed her to me. She refused my advances initially but after some time through prophesies and so on, she said yes.”

Apostle Madubuko met Emmy in Kenya in 2010 during one of his visits to the country to propagate God’s work at the Revival Assembly Azusa conference. Emmy was at the conference to perform.


  1. Rose Obure says:

    heeey! God have mercy…….

  2. Esther Favor Super says:

    obeeeeeeeeeeee waaaaaaaaaaaaa ni mungu alizungumuza ama ni nani.

  3. they even resemble go ahead emmy

  4. next nikuwacha kuimba na kuwa witch doctor

  5. Adore Calmer says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Ansalem Madumbuko to be, listen to me and hear this precisely, its not about age, Nigerians, Kenyans, the media, please forgive them for they do not know what they are doing, its about love and the fact that, you are both very peculiar people and very special vessels in GOD'S hands, more so you Emmy, because the attack to you is so intense, Go ahead with your plans and focus onto Jesus, THE HOPE OF ALL GLORY, the voices you are hearing on all this social media’s is because you are on the right track and the devil is furiously mad, because of what the two of you going to do to the kingdom of darkness, If everything went on smooth, then I as one of the true members of the body of Christ, I would be worried, but now, press on towards the mark of Excellency and prepare the church as you bring back CHRIST, the son of God, IF GOD BE FOR YOU WHO THEN CAN BE AGAINST YOU? Of importance now is, Prayer and thanks giving, DO NOT REASON WITH MEN REASON WITH GOD. AMEN

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  8. Adore Calmer says:

    thats your problem not theirs, pls leave them alone, the word of God says do not touch my annointed one

  9. emmy go go! that's where God planned for you, all the best.

  10. go for want u want and want you will be happy with congrats emmy.

  11. Judy Tecla says:

    wishing u happy marriage life.