Revealed: How to sell your soul to the devil or Illuminati

We can now reveal all the requirements that you need in order to sell your soul to the devil or join Illuminati. This can make you very rich and famous. Its been alleged that people who join the Illuminati or sell their soul to the devil become very wealthy and get the hottest girls in the world

First, before you go selling your soul to Satan, you must be very careful because he is very crafty and will cheat you blind. Also, you should be aware of the fact that you’ll have to agree to spend eternity in Hell when you die in exchange for earthly pleasures while you’re alive. This is according to Dr. Rex Touth, an expert on satanic rituals and author of How to Negotiate Unholy Contracts

Thousands have gained riches and fulfilled their fantasies after selling their souls to the devil
Here are some tips from Dr. Touth on how you can take advantage of the same opportunity if you really need to sell your soul to satan:

  • SET THE DEAL UP PROPERLY. There’s a right and wrong way to make contact with the Devil. The right way is to be alone in your room, close your eyes and say, “Satan, I summon you. I have a quality soul to sell if the price is right.” It may take dozens, even hundreds of tries but at all costs, avoid sounding desperate or needy. He’ll show up eventually
  • DEAL FROM A POSITION OF POWER. By far the biggest mistake people make is to underestimate how badly Satan wants their soul. It’s like precious gold to him and he’ll pay anything to get it. When he appears, get him to make the first offer, then up it.
  • GET THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Remember, you’re going to burn in Hell forever. So no matter how badly off you are now, demand the best. For instance, even if you feel unlovable and desperate with loneliness, don’t just say, “I want the most gorgeous woman on earth and I want her to be madly in love with me.” Instead, add, “In fact, throw in 100 other women as well so I can pick and choose according to my mood.”
  • REMEMBER TO DEMAND THE LIFE-EXTENSION CLAUSE. Satan won’t tell you if you don’t ask but you can get a guarantee of 300 years of youthful life before you go to eternal damnation. Why enjoy a mere 75 or 80 years of reckless living when you can get 300?

Religious groups worldwide are trying to ban Dr. Touth’s book. One bishop was quoted saying: “This kind of trash is spiritual dynamite,” But Dr. Touth says we should all be aware of the facts so we can make an informed decision. “It’s your soul,” he says. “Do waht you want with it.” (Originally written by Weekly World News)



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