GHRIS website is very frustrating and slow

GHRIS is an online government HRMS (Human Resource Management System). Needless to say, this ghris system is accessed by thousands of government employees every month. This is the reason why the ghris website breaks on a regular basis especially when they get a big traffic “spike”

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Over the last few days, GHRIS users have not been able to access the website- this is because around 29th and 30th, the online HRMS might have received some very high traffic and the server ‘refused’ to work. Frustrated employees sent these messages hoping that someone would come to their rescue (someone did come to their rescue and the website is now back online, you can even open it HERE bofore its taken down by the next wave of huge traffic)

Hy GHRIS, i’v been trying to upload all my certificates to ghris but am only getting a message telling me to “view / replace” on the scan column, kindly assist,P/NO 2007009495-NANCY A. APONDI

“Is it possible for GHRIS to be kind and tell the users wat is happening! Getting into the site to get even the oldest payslips is a nightmare!”

“I think we should go back to the analogue system of getting our payslips cause ghris hawajakua digital”

“Hope I will not be branded a bother… Why is it that every GHRIS is always inaccessible from Friday to Monday at around midday? Is it a breakdown or a deliberate action…… but why should it be a deliberate act anyway? Kindly invest in a more reliable server …my wish!!!!

“I don’t know if I am the only one experiencing this ama tuko wengi, Nowdays to access the payslips; stress, To reach u pipo on facebook; you r nt there. We send u mails, we get no feedback. Way forward?”

These are just but a few complains by very frustrated men and women who use the GHRIS system. Could the person who admins that website possibly come out and tell us why something thats meant to make work easier end up making it so hard? Some people even wish they could go back to the manual (analogue) system!