Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli separated with husband: Robert Alai

Lilian Muli (Kanene), Citizen TV’s news anchor has separated with her husband. This is according to blogger Robert Alai. Alai claims in a tweet that Lilian Muli is separated (divorced) with Kanene and that he got the information from very credible sources.

Acording to Alai, Lilian Muli has already changed the names in most of the stuff that she co-owns with Kanene. The one that really made Alai conclude that they have actually separated is the change of name in Muli’s DSTV subscription. So, men be warned; If your wife changes her name with the DSTV, you are screwed :) .

Here’s the tweet:

Robert AlaiRobert Alai ‏@RobertAlai CREDIBLE SOURCE: Lilian Muli separated from Kanene. She is changing most of co-owned stuff into her name. DSTV already changed.
It has been reported previously that Lilian Muli’s husband beats her and her marriage has been in trouble.


  1. Brian Rashid says:

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