Size 8 (LINET MUNYALI) now Born again (saved)

Size 8, whose real nane is LINET MUNYALI now says that she is saved, a.k.a, born again

She wrote this on her facebook wall though no much details were given. A short update, reading ” Am saved,thanks be to the almighty lord” is on her facebook page wall (no one knows whether thats her official fan page)

After the revelation, some bloggers congratulated her on her new found faith. One blogger, Cabu Gah, wrote this on his facebook wall

What I didnt know is that this petite singer was fighting bigger demons than Me. She was fighting bigger devils. She was struggling with her faith,convictions and family. Probably I was making things even worse for her? Or maybe it was all a well-choreographed master plan by God? To wake her up to the bitter reality of vanity and spiritual emptiness? Only God knows.

And today,I learn that my girl,our girl,LINET MUNYALI,has found THE LORD. Size 8 has found Christ! Wow!

She told a journalist,
”Since November,I have been toiling in thought as I wanted to transform my Life. I had NO peace of mind…”

She added,
“As much as I was making BIG cash and commanding a huge fan base,My heart was NOT at peace…”

Size 8, First and Foremost,
I apologize deeply and profusely for anything I may have said or written about You. Whether in good spirit or malice,I deeply apologize.
I sincerely hope that Your journey with The Lord will prove fruitful to You. I hope that the mercies of God and the Salvation of Christ remain with You till eternity.

Size 8,
ThankYou for reminding Us all that money is NOT the gate-pass to happiness. Thankyou for reminding Us that ONLY GOD grants true peace.
Thankyou for following your heart…following the call of Christ and the Word of the Lord.

  • http://facebook mary

    Dear Linet. I, have been watching and listening to your songs and video.what really surprised me, was that you talk too much,In each video, is talk,talk, talk, except in one,The Vidonge. that’s why Vidonge has been such an perfect video. I will send it to a friend of mine who’s an Dj.He will like it for sure,but for your other videos….i doubt it.listen to my advice: sing more,Act more, talk less. unless you are asked.Imagine that you are in the discothèque what did you prefer listen to stories or dance to the music? I rest my case! if you want to go Globel,you may need to do some changes. keep building your life on a brickstone onto a diamonds not back to the sand

    be save and bless you