Was Rachel Shebesh thrown out of statehouse??

After their alleged LUNCH DATE with Mike Sonko at the coast, this couple has unleashed another drams. Rumor has it that Shebesh was shown the door and is unwanted in STATE HOUSE for the next FIVE YEARS. Apparently, she showed up at the State house gates and was chased by Mama Ngina Kenyatta and told to never set foot there again. EVER!

This was reported by a reliable source. There is also some info doing rounds that Mike Sonko was very annoyed and almost punched the statehouse walls- bare knuckles  “We have reliable information that Mike Sonko was shocked at the treatment Shebesh received at statehouse and had to be refrained from hitting statehouse wall with his bare hands.

Well, no one knows why she was chased. We can only speculate.

  • Anonymous

    mama ngina lives in statehouse- the whole house is there!!!!!!!