Secrets of Nairobi’s exclusive sex dens: The Nairobian

Exposed: Filthy Rich men Splash Ksh. 100,000 a day

The Nairobian Uncovers some of the most exclusive hideouts where the high and mighty spend dizzying amouts to romp and relax

Filthy rich men spend up to Ksh. 100,000 a night romp and relax in some of Nairobi’s most exclusive sex hideouts. The swanky dens, unlike some  of the cliched threadbare settings and barely dressed women in many of Kenya’s brothels, have posh restaurants, swimming polls, saunas and bedrooms straight out of a five star hotel

In one members only facility located off ngecha road, in the up market Kitisiru estate, a 10 minute drive from Westlands, our mole had to accompany a patron to gain temporary membership for the night with strict instructions to switch off his mobile phone and avoid posing awkward questions. And behind the black gate hemmed in by trimmed greenery, 14 fuel guzllers parked in the compound  including Range Rovers, BMWs, Mercedes Benzes- told half the story. The other half was inside the imposing house. The opulence is unmistakable with massive marble columns leading to a sweeping hallway dotted with cream leather couches huge fascinating pieces of abstract art

European Prostitutes

There are also a number of white women entertaining clients. Our sources said the women were mostly from Eastern Europe. Attempts to find out their immigration status were unsuccessful. The seven bedroom house is said to have only 22 male members and the minimum charge for any drink, from a tot of fine whiskey o a bottle of water or soda, is Ksh 3,500. No new membership is allowed

The founder member is said to be an established businessman who lives in London and only visits once a month. In fact, out of the 22 members, only 14 are in the country and use the facility several times a week, the remaining 8 visit less that 10 times a year

“We don’t handle cash. Everything is billed to one’s tab and is deducted from client’s accounts at the end of the month. Each member depending on the frequency of use deposits a minimum of Ksh 300,000 and is reminded whenever their account is running low” Get the whole Expose plus more at the Nairobian Magazine


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