Nairobi littered by prostitutes studying at the Nairobi University

“Nairobi’s red-light districts are littered by prostitutes studying at the University of Nairobi”: Rachel Shebesh

Students from the University of Nairobi are demanding an immediate apology from Rachel Shebesh for allegedly insulting them on national television.

The students are accusing the former nominated MP, who is vying for the Nairobi County Women representative seat on a TNA ticket, of calling them prostitutes.

The students have given Shebesh 16 hours to apologise or face their wrath.

They also want Ms Shebesh to write a two-page apology letter to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Nairobi.

Led by officials of the Students’ Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU),Organisation of Kenya Independent Students Union (KISU) and the Women Students’ Welfare Authority (WOSWA), the students are threatening to go to court to block Ms Shebesh from contesting the women representative seat.

“We were greatly saddened and severely shocked by the irresponsible statements uttered by Ms Shebesh on a television interview on Sunday February 24, 2013. The Dishonourable member remarked, loudly that “ Nairobi’s red-light districts are littered by prostitutes studying at the University of Nairobi” said Dorothy Kemunto.

She added, “The above statement is untrue and incoherent with the virtues and principles of the UoN Student community. All our students are honest, hardworking, responsible, religious and committed to the values of education and religion.”
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  1. Tuomas Starwalker Santakallio says:

    Most women in that school are prostitutes.