Illuminati members in kenya: Top Illuminati members in Kenya Exposed

Illuminati members in kenya and Africa: A list of members is currently making rounds in the social media and it is shocking who the members are. Apparently the God father of the Illuminati society lives in Nigeria. Below is the top 21 list of the members of the society:

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  • Charlie boy2. Wizkid- illuminati 
  • Camp Mulla (sold their souls to the devil for fame)- illuminati 
  • Psquare (sacrificed their mother) - illuminati 
  • Tb Joshua- illuminati 
  • Cabo Snoop (used to popularize the illuminati dance)- illuminati 
  • Asamoah Gyan
  • Jozi
  • D’banj (Godfather of illuminati in Africa)
  • Sarkodie
  • Ice Prince
  • Genevive Nnaji (Dbanj’s girlfriend)
  • Teargas (South Africa)
  • Pastor Lazarus Muriritirwa
  • Pastor Ng’ang’a (he sacrificed his wife and married her younger sister)
  • Pastor Owour (he used to foretell the pending works of illuminati, disaster)
  • Alikiba – Tanzania (illuminati made him famous and uses him to dwell in Tanzania)18. Chameleon (he wanted to get out and was thrown from high floor and broke his leg)
  • Octopizzo (realize how he says number nane baby in his songs he is praising the devil)
  • Nonini
  • Nameless (remember his juju video with evil scenes that was the initiation)
  • Avril (illuminati uses her to sell the idea of lesbianism in Kenya remember the song chokoza she say ‘hujui kama mtu anapenda machali ama madame’and the nude lesbian photos)
  • Size 8- Illuminati
  • Jaguar
  • Emmy Kosgei

Well be the judge! Is the list anything to go by or is the maker of the list just bluffing? The Daily Post

  1. Charles J S Park 43 years ago
  2. Alberto Uberto Young 43 years ago
  3. Newton Khaki 43 years ago
  4. Vincent Meyo 43 years ago
  5. Eriq Mambo Barakka 43 years ago
  6. Lizz Beth 43 years ago
  7. Isaac Xzoom W 43 years ago
  8. Cosmas Khartoun 43 years ago
  9. Januaries Nzuki 43 years ago
  10. Joram Wanjala 43 years ago
  11. Patrick Kimani 43 years ago
  12. Utopian Chris 43 years ago
  13. Silvester Njuguna 43 years ago
  14. Alan Muguai 43 years ago
  15. Edward James 43 years ago
  16. Juñiør Scholes 43 years ago
  17. Calisto Roberto 44 years ago
  18. smith 44 years ago
    • R M 44 years ago
  19. Harry Smith 44 years ago
  20. Nora Danny 44 years ago
  21. Ezy Jr Baks 44 years ago
  22. Kells Donald 44 years ago
  23. Josephat Nguli 44 years ago
  24. Martin Wachera 44 years ago
  25. Lennoxy Lucas 44 years ago
  26. Illuminati Club 44 years ago
  27. Illuminati Club 44 years ago
  28. Dennis Macharia 44 years ago
  29. Iluminati Freemason 44 years ago
  30. Ezekiel Lobuin 44 years ago
  31. Patrick Stella 44 years ago
  32. Illuminati Kenya 44 years ago
  33. Illuminati Kenya 44 years ago
  34. Pon Di Smane Mccali 44 years ago
  35. Elder Illuminati 44 years ago
  36. Anonymous 44 years ago
  37. Anonymous 44 years ago
  38. Anonymous 44 years ago
  39. Dr. ROBERT M ESTHER 44 years ago

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