Revealed: How to Join Illuminati in Kenya

We’ve finally uncovered the mystery of how to join the Illuminati secret society! All of these years of secret handshakes, conspiracy theories, and pyramids and we’ve finally found out the membership requirements.

As conspiracy theories are fun and amazing, it is good to write a post on how to join the Illuminati.

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Hip-hop has taken over Illuminati and since the people of the underground say that Jay-Z is the leader, we guess that means that we should follow in his footsteps. Rapping isn’t easy and neither is world domination. If rappers can do it, why can’t we? Thanks to us, the answer is now you can.

After having a dream about the Illuminati, we here at Nairobi Exposed were given a distinct and very specific vision of  ways of joining the very exclusive secret society.

Many people want to join Illuminati because they think they can achieve success and popularity. Illuminati was a secret society existed in the 1700s. After some decades, it lost its members. We cannot say if Illuminati still exists today, not all researchers agree to their existence in our era. People who still believe they exist are conspiracy theorists. As you know, we cannot trust conspiracy theories because they can be lies and jokes most of the times. For example, we have theReptilian conspiracy theory which is a real stupid, joke and absurd as theory.

Illuminati is famous because on many websites you find articles and videos on them. Let’s get back to the subject, on how to join Illuminati! The true answer is, you cannot join Illuminati because you do not know if it is still exist or not. There is no concrete evidence it exists. Moreover, you should ask yourself, why the hell Illuminati will accept you if it exists? Based on conspiracy theories, Illuminati like puppets, so you will be a puppet to serve them.

To conclude, there is no way you can join Illuminati if this society really exists! Instead of dreaming to join them, why you do not count some ants under a tree? This can be a job for you if you are brainwashed with stupidities on the web!

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