Hey admin me i want to strip Sheila Mwanyigha,the easy fm radio realy old is she, forever she is lying about her age

I know us ladies we do lie bout it lakini yeye amezidi when i was in highschool she was 26, nikamaliza shule kama ako 26*accordin to magazine interviews* i went to campo she was 27 sasa nikamaliza campo and ati she is 28? Which time clock is Sheila Mwanyigha on?

Sheila my dear you need to wake up and come to the reality that you are old and accept it,we havent forgotten you used to screw a young prezzo by then ati ukamwita boyfriend? B*tch pliz you were a cougar to prezzo,fortunately you realised it and left the kid. I’ve heard rumourz,apparently me and you live in the same neighborhood,i hear that you bring young boys to your home to do God knows what,you feel young huh? Why dont you just get a mature man and settle down,leave the boys for the gals. You try so much to look young,the other day pics of you with horribly done make up have been doing rounds ön the net,omg!did you see how horrific you looked? Thats what happens when you dont come to the reality that you old. Oh btw thanks for that pic, every time my daughter hataki kula i show her the pic akikataa kulaa ntakuitia huyu,and anakula haraka.

Look dear,you can brand me however you wish but my point is,wake up to the reality,you are no longer a gal you are a woman.some of your age mates wana grandchildren ok that’s exaggerated. I’m now happy i’ve got it off my chest.admin you can just post, let me know when you post. Make sureSheila Mwanyigha reads this. ahsante

*opinions expressed are of the writter’s and NOT NE’s*

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