Hey NE…I’d like u 2 expose one Pastor Paul Kuria of Joy Center Church!

Wel…Its located samwea arnd Roasters on Thika Road…
These bitchy pastor also hosts a show on a vernacular radio station named Inooro Fm and the show is kold ‘HUTIA MUNDU’…This expose is all abt im kamin 2 my workin place to Gamble and Drink alcohol n if u try 2 kol him by the name Pastor Kuria,he wil insult u… I work at a Casino in Westlands n hia he can gamble upto 100k at 2am or 3am He always try 2 hide his identity bt we knw im…

He also talks naughty n if u c im u wunt bliv he is a pastor!!!.. Lyk kwenda uko malaya ww…ni pastor mgani unaona hapa!!Ugly woman!

He is always with a drunk Indian whom i assume is his frnd n i wonder wat business he has wit a drunk old Indian

NE: Have you spotted the car he uses and do your colleagues know it is him?

No we cnt knw the car he uses since once we get at work we neva go out til we done…Yes evry1 at my wak place knws its him.. Its actualy tha gov’t inspector who made us realise its im… He withdrew cash frm mpesa n it confirmd as Paul Kuria.. We searched 4 his f/b page yester nyt n 2 awa surprise,the chain on his prof pic is the same 1 he had jana..!! Wish i was able 2 take a pic of im wit a tusker b4 u xpose im

N.E: Are you able to do that; it would be more credible

I think so also bt i can giv it a try buh we aint suposd 2 b cin wit awa 4nes in the field +the cameras r on

Pls hide my id koz i aint ready 2 loose ma job

N.E: So can I wait for you to bring the photo and what is the name of the Casino – I wont mention it though

Its *****.bout tha pic il try ma bst…rem nat 2 xpose my names

N.E: I cant expose your names and bring the pic then we do the expose do your best tho I know the risk involved


  1. Ciku Muhoho says:

    not once i went with him in 2010 and 2011.he'd leave me in the car at westgate then get know millionaires casino.he'd get broke n start borrowing money from me n from friends via mpesa.he'd stay fot upto 6 hrs

  2. Ciku Muhoho says:

    hide my id pls trying to remove the pos t i cant.dint kno it would show my name

  3. uongo kwani nyinyi ni jiho pevu tena,, there are many things to talk about stop tarnishing the name of the people of GOD, IDIOTS

  4. Ciku Muhoho says:

    remove all my comments please

  5. lets leave judgement to God